Earn up to $35,000 - $55,000* a year!
 Working part-time!
Procard International's division LocalDiscounts.com pay structure is based on our unique MAP (M)onthly (A)utomated (P)ayment program, which is designed to give you a re-occurring monthly income based on your previous efforts. 

With our proven MAP program, Associates can earn the following:

Woman with Check Book
"Before I found Procard I had tried many companies that promised me I would get rich fast with minimum efforts. I never saw a penny. Now with Procard I get out what I put in and I can count on my pay check each month."
Melissa Thompson, SC

Pay Structure

Marketing Associate
Pay for each month the Account remains Active(MAP) $49 registration fee
You are paid for each store or restaurant you register. $5.00/month $49 initial registration
You are paid for each 'Area Representative'. $10.00/month

Our MAP monies help you build up your income! Since you get paid $5.00 for each month your Accounts remain Active, your pay increases each month. At just 20 new stores a month over a year, that’s give you $1,200 per month coming in automatically. And/Or $10.00/month for each ‘Area Representative’ at 5 new representatives per week over the course of a year would pay you over $30,000 a year or over $2,500/month each and every month that they remain Active.
Pay Periods: Payroll is processed on the very last day of each month for the previous month's production. Pay amounts are then distributed within 24-72 hours. We send out payroll once a month because we do NOT have "chargeback Accounts" for our Associates. We feel that without "Chargeback Accounts" Associates can build a more steady and profitable organization for themselves.

Annual Gross Income Example Chart

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* Even though we are very pleased with the high earnings for our Associates, Procard International cannot guarantee earnings;  Our top producer earns over  $1,000,000  a year. Most every Active Associate who has been with our Company for over 4 years earns a minimum of $35,000 a year and most work part-time.  We purposely do not advertise such high incomes because we do not want our Associates to expect too much, too quickly.  Our programs and systems do require effort, time, and dedication.  They are NOT designed for a "get rich quick" answer.

**Program Rules: In order to qualify for sponsoring your own Procard International team and to be eligible for MAP monies, it is necessary that you and your sponsored Associates each have a minimum of one (1) Active Account. In order for an Account to qualify for initial activation the activation must be processable and Active for a minimum of 30 days. MAP monies for all your Accounts will continue to be paid out as long as you replace your lapsed Accounts. Procard International gives each Associate 30 days to replace any lapsed Accounts. Most lapsed Accounts result from checking Account changes. In the event an Associate does not replace the lapsed Accounts during this time, MAP monies will not be paid out for that particular month; however, once the Accounts are replaced, MAP monies for all your Accounts will start up again but are not retroActive. Referral Reward sponsoring credits are based on Associate Access Code submissions, only. Which ever Access Code is submitted by a consumer or Job applicant to activate will be the one used to receive credit, only. It is the sole responsibility of each referring Team Leader to have any of his/her referred Associates activate with his/her own Access Code.

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