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PCI has been founded on the principal of quality products and services in diversified markets. Our markets of interests include the professional care industry, helping families get discounts in their local communities, and the promotion of a safer and better environment. Because of our diversified product mixes, online marketing systems, and our monthly automated payment programs, you can enjoy a financially rewarding long term career for yourself.

The following is an overview of PCI opportunities you can be eligible to participate in. As a PCI Active Associate, you can have the opportunity to pick and choose any one or combination of our career opportunities and change at any time.

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Represent over 1/2 million professional care providers including physicians, dentists, pharmacies, and much more... Included are (2) career options:

1. Referral Rewards
For our Active Associates who want the opportunity to manage associates, we can provide guaranteed complimentary leads every month. Work anytime, anyplace, 100% on the Internet! This is considered an area manager position and is NOT MLM.

2. Marketing Associate
Active associates can receive complimentary leads for customers who have already requested details on our services from our radio, TV, print, and/or Internet advertising. Simply call back these customers with our easy to follow scripts and activate their services.

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Represent over 1 million local businesses across the country including favorite restaurants, movie theatres, stores, and much more.

Everyone wants a discount at their favorite places and that's just what LocalDiscounts.com provides.


Help consumers protect their identities and the environment in this $200 billion a year industry.
  • Almost 10,000,000 Americans are now victims of identity theft each year.
  • Over 100 million trees are cut down annually just for postal junk mail.
Due to new technologies, over 15% of all Americans suffer from identity theft, which can destroy one’s credit rating, bank account, and financial obligations. Our exclusive Identityalert.services can help consumers protect their identities.

And with our unique Postaljunkmail.com services, members can block un-invited postal junk mail that gets delivered just about every day which can further cause identity theft.

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Help businesses become more successful on Google with our unique 5-Star rating program.

Google has changed the rules of the game, and most businesses have not yet adapted.

Reputation Matters

Whether we like it or not, a business and it's online reputation is out there for everyone to see when someone searches for a company.

Reputation Builder

We can help put businesses on the map with 5 star reviews from actual customers, no spamming, no fake reviews; we simply give businesses raving fans a voice.

Web Mentorship Program

Bi-monthly meetings to increase online visibility and validity, online feedback, and how to be properly promoting a positive online reputation.

PizzaDelivery.com Logo
Pizza delivery is one of the biggest service industries in the U.S. with over 1 billion pizzas being delivered every year. Our Internet based ad programs let our active associates take advantage of this huge industry and earn commissions up to $75,000/year from customers placing pizza orders through PizzaDelivery.com.

Coming Soon! GreenAlert will be a worldwide community of people sharing their good habits for a better environment. This program will provide a number of environmentally friendly tips and services that will allow our associates to earn commissions while helping the environment. Also included will be a number of programs designed to help children learn about how to protect their environment as they grow up. With NASA's most recent report of the Arctic ice cap melting by as much as 30% since 1978, this will be a very important addition.

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